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NOS MOPAR 66-86 P/S Pump Seal Rebuild Kit

This is a real neat, 11 piece, kit that replaces all seals & "O" Rings in any 1966-1986 Saginaw type (key-slotted shaft) power steering pump.  This type pump is identified by the oval filler neck and  (usually) plastic fluid-fill cap.

 After 30 years or so, these seals & o-rings dry out, crack, shrink, etc. and the result is a dirty, oily, leaking pump.  Tired of continuously adding power steering fluid to your pump or cleaning up the mess on the garage floor?  All you need is this kit and about 30 minutes of a good mechanic's time and your troubles are over.  Why pay $200-$300 for a complete new pump and reservoir when all you really need is the seal kit?

    This seal service kit replaces these seal kit part numbers:  2539838, 3815908, 4504329, and 4504330.

    This eleven piece kit includes:

  • 1 - 2537899 Seal, pump drive shaft

  • 1 - 2537829 Seal, oil pump union

  • 2 - 2537827 Seals, pump pressure plate

  • 1 - 2537830 Seal, pump

  • 1 - 2537828 Seal, oil pump reservoir

  • 1 - 2537831 seal, pump rectangular section

  • 1 - 5692682 Magnet, Debris Collection

  • 2 - Instruction Sheets

  • 3 - Multi-sized Seals



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All items are sold with the assumption that the buyer has access to sufficient knowledge to install the parts correctly or has access to a professional mechanic.  If you have a question about this or other parts, e-mail me and one of our parts technicians can research it for you.

NOS MOPAR 66-86 P/S Pump Seal Rebuild Kit nosmop66pspu$59.00