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NOS MoPar 60's-70's Wheel OpenMoulding Screws!

These are the real deal!  Genuine NOS MoPar screws as found on the wheel opening mouldings of most 60's and 70's cars.  They really are quite unique and suited for this purpose.  The well designed head has extra deep grooves.  So after years of service & exposure you can can still get your Phillips screwdriver in without rounding out the slots.  Also the rubber tip coating expands upon installation and prevents moisture from getting in through the hole and causing rust.  The plating finish is unique to these as well.  Sold as a 30-piece set.




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All items are sold with the assumption that the buyer has access to sufficient knowledge to install the parts correctly or has access to a professional mechanic.  If you have a question about this or other parts, e-mail me and one of our parts technicians can research it for you.

NOS MoPar 60's-70's Wheel OpenMoulding Screws! nosmop60whee$47.50