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NOS MoPar 62-69 A,B Body Tie Rod Ends,Pair 2525416

Genuine Correct OEM Vintage

2 of PN 2525416 same as the more common 3004790 and also supercedes 2275457, 2421350, and 3004704 - same right hand thread pattern

The casting number on the part is 2072586.  Each end also includes the assembly line green/beige paint code.  Rubber boot has Chrysler logo and Chrysler # 1826225.  These are assembly line pieces.  You can't get any more correct than these.  Please note there is no grease nipple provision which is generally correct for 1962-69 cars.  These were used on all 62-69 Chrysler Compact and Intermediate cars.  Full size cars used a different tie rod end which had a larger diameter shaft.  Each car used of course four tie rod ends, two rights and two lefts.  These are both right hand thread tie rod ends. Sold as a pair. 


1962-69 Plymouth Dodge P,D models, A-Bodies and B-Bodies