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NOS MoPar 1968-70 340 Exhaust Manifold Heat Riser Package 3004574

This is an NOS MoPar exhaust manifold heat riser repair package that fits 1968 - 1970 340 models only with manifold casting #2863549. Part number is 3004574.

This includes all the correct parts including the 2-1/4" diameter valve. Don't be mislead by cheap "one-size-fits-all" 318 kits that other companies will try to sell you. This is the real deal with instructions. This package fits 1968-70 340 only!  For use only on manifolds with casting number 2863549.  This is the only correct package for these unique hi-flow manifolds.

1971-93 318/360 kit, part number 3683947.  Most of the components including the crucial ones are different.  The early 340 hi-flow manifold uses a 2-1/4" diameter valve while the later 318/360 manifold uses a smaller 1-7/8" diameter valve.

Get real! Get MoPar!

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