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New NOS MoPar 1978-92 Dodge Van Windshield Gasket Chrome Lockingstrip with joint

NOS MoPar windshield gasket lockingstrip set

Genuine new old stock Chrysler part number 4106863 strip and joint . If you ever replace the windshield in your Dodge Van you will need this set up . Also to freshen up the look of your original which is faded to a brown decayed mess by now. Yes glass shops have something " close " but it will be too thick to sit properly or even a one size-fits-all black roll material . Different than the Dodge Trucks , this is B-Van models only !

Remember, there's no substitute for Real NOS MoPar!


1978-92 Dodge B vans

Notice: All items are sold with the assumption that the buyer has access to sufficient knowledge to install the parts correctly or has access to a professional mechanic.