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Brad's NOS Parts
PO Box 2988
1420 Lake Dogwood Drive
West Columbia, SC 29171

               Think of Brads NOS Parts as your local dealer accessible through a "time machine". Just think - If you are able to go back in time to say 1975 (remember disco?), you could walk into your friendly Dodge dealer's parts department and order most any new genuine MoPar part for your 1969 Dodge Coronet. Think of our showroom counter today as that same dealer's counter then, we may have that same new genuine part on our warehouse shelf today, only add 20 years of dust!! We leave the reproduction carpet set market to other companies and key in on the good stuff! Our Sales are shipped out of our location for customers across the US, Canada, and overseas.

              Due to the nature of these parts, price and availability on any item can change overnight. This inventory printout represent approximately 20% of the NOS parts we actually own and have here. Most of our inventory was purchased years ago when the stuff was plentiful. With the manpower available and as busy as we are, it will take years to finish inventorying everything; also new additions are always coming in.

              If you don't see your part here then call/ write or use the form on the parts location page to ask for a part.  Chances are we can find it for you.    The used parts ( Parts cars ) are not included in the catalogue. 


              If you would like to stop by we are located on 1420 Lake Dogwood Dr. West Columbia SC 29072. We are right past the Columbia Metropolitan airport.